I am a knitwear designer based in the UK and I strive to create unique, modern designs, which are enjoyable to knit and effortless to wear. I’m completely obsessed with knitting; I knit every day for as much time as I can. Knitting brings me a lot of joy and has had a hugely positive impact on my life.

Form Cowl
Celestial Mitts

About Lucinda Makes

Lucinda Makes was originally just a blog. I really loved talking about all of my knitting and craft projects and decided I wanted somewhere to write about these things.

I later set up the ‘Learn’ area of my website as somewhere to house tutorials with both videos and written instructions. I had discovered that when I was trying to search for tutorials on YouTube, it could be quite difficult to find clear tutorials for some techniques and found that a lot of these videos were also quite long. I decided I wanted to start making tutorial videos with a focus on clearly showing the techniques up close, whilst keeping the videos concise and easy to understand. I now post regularly on my YouTube channel and add these videos to the ‘Learn’ section of my website with accompanying step-by-step written instructions. All of my videos have manually written subtitles, I know these can be helpful for a lot of people, especially because automatically generated subtitles are often quite inaccurate. I also add timestamps to my videos, which allow you to skip to the relevant part of the tutorial if you’re just needing a refresher on a small part of a technique, or wanting to watch a specific section again.

Lucinda Makes later became the home for all of my knitting pattern designs, which has become my main focus in knitting.

Tessellate Mitts Colourful Sample
Fresh Air Shawl Green Sample

My Patterns

In 2020 I started designing knitting patterns. I’d had a number of ideas for designs and wanted to make them a reality. I wanted to create the best patterns I could, so put a lot of thought into how I was going to write them and what was important to me.

I aim to create patterns which are as straightforward and clear to follow as possible, giving you all the information you may need with no ambiguity. This means knitters can spend most of their time on a project knitting, rather than figuring out what to do next. I include links to my relevant tutorials in the notes section of all of my patterns, so if any techniques are new to you they shouldn’t cause you any trouble. I also avoid using unusual yarns which are difficult to substitute, as this makes it as easy as possible to find suitable yarn for any budget.

When it comes to the designs themselves, my goal is to create patterns which are enjoyable to knit and result in a garment you’ll love wearing. I always design for myself and create garments I’m excited to add to my wardrobe, as I know this will result in the best designs I can possibly produce. I also knit all of my own samples after writing the pattern, this means I know exactly what the experience will be like for other knitters and can make adjustments to patterns to ensure they stay interesting to knit.