All About the Endless Hills Cowl Pattern

I recently released my first knitting pattern, the Endless Hills Cowl.

I've known for a while that I wanted to start designing knitting patterns. I've always had a lot of design ideas and knew at some point I wanted to turn them into patterns. I chose to start with the Endless Hills Cowl.

Endless Hills Cowl

I decided I wanted to use chunky yarn for this pattern, as I felt that the way it gives the stitches an exaggerated appearance would add to the texture of the cowl. I also really enjoy knitting with chunky yarn but always struggle to find patterns for it, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it when creating a pattern of my own. An added bonus is that the bulkier choice of yarn makes this a quick project to knit.

When it came to finalising the design it definitely took a few attempts to get it exactly how I'd pictured. The design uses a combination of seed stitch and ribbing to create a curve around the cowl. I wanted to position and angle the curve perfectly, so that it would still be noticeable when the cowl isn't completely flat against the neck. In a couple of the early versions of the design I definitely had issues with the curve becoming too steep or shallow. I also wanted there to be different ways to wear the cowl, allowing it to be worn at different orientations either with mainly seed stitch visible, mainly ribbing visible, or half of both. After a few attempts I finally got the result I'd been picturing and wrote up the final pattern.

Endless Hills Cowl curve
Endless Hills Cowl side

I'm very happy with how the cowl turned out and feel proud that I've designed a pattern of my own. I'll absolutely be releasing more patterns in future; I enjoyed the whole process and have so many more ideas I'd love to bring to life. Click the link below to check out the full details of the pattern, I hope you like it.

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