Spectrum Fibre May 2020 Neon Yarn Club

I'd never tried a mystery yarn club before, but kept wanting to try out Spectrum Fibre's Neon Yarn club, so I finally took the plunge last month.

Spectrum Fibre's Neon Yarn Club is a monthly yarn club, each month you can sign up and pick which base you'd like, whether you want 1 or 2 skeins and there's also an option to add mohair. The yarn will be always be a totally new colourway and is a complete mystery until you receive it. I've always thought signing up to a mystery yarn club would be a fun experience, but kept chickening out as since it's a total surprise I was worried that I could end up not liking the yarn I received. That's why I ended up picking Spectrum Fibre's club because I noticed I really like all of their colourways so I was bound to love whatever yarn I received.

At the end of May my order was shipped and arrived the following day. I've ordered yarn from Spectrum Fibre several times before and it's always nicely wrapped in tissue paper, which I think is great because it feels like opening a present, but obviously this time it was even more exciting as I couldn't wait to see the colourway.

Spectrum Fibre Cosmos
Spectrum Fibre Cosmos Skein

May's colourway was Cosmos, it includes blues, purples, pinks and of course speckles. I'd opted for a single skein in the sock base. I'm pretty sure I audibly gasped when I opened it, it basically consists of all of my favourite colours and couldn't be more 'me'. The only problem now is finding the perfect pattern for it, I'm thinking some kind of shawl would probably be ideal to really show off the colours, but it might stay sitting in my stash for a little while until I decide on some other colours to go with it.

Within about ten minutes of receiving Cosmos I'd signed up for the June Neon Yarn Club. I was obviously really happy with my purchase and found it to be a really exciting experience and I'm sure I'll be writing another one of these posts next month. I think if you're considering signing up to a mystery yarn club, take a look at the brand's existing colourways and if you really like those, signing up is probably a safe bet.

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