I'm Taking Part in TOFT's Ed's Advent CAL 2019

This advent I'll be taking part in my first ever crochet-along, in the form of Ed's Advent.

TOFT Package

All of a sudden Christmas is just around the corner and advent calendars are now on our minds again. Back in October I placed an order for Ed's Advent from TOFT which is what I am sharing with you today. TOFT is a British craft company who are particularly well known for their animal crochet kits (Edward's Menagerie), I became aware of them after seeing their stand at Yarndale which is where I purchased a kit to make 'Deborah the kerry hill sheep'.

Ed's Advent is basically an advent calendar and crochet-along, which involves crocheting two animals, one which is beginner friendly and one which is more complex. You receive the required yarn in time for advent and then every day in December you receive an email containing a portion of the two patterns. What the animals will be is a mystery, but they'll be something new so you don't need to worry about them being something you've already made.

I've now received my parcel from TOFT and (mostly) opened it.

TOFT Advent delivery contents

Inside the box there are two bags which contain stuffing, I would assume enough for each animal. This was actually a surprise to receive, I needed to purchase stuffing separately for Deborah the kerry hill sheep, so I had assumed I would just be receiving a box of yarn.

Ed's Advent bags of stuffing

The main event here though is the box, which I'm guessing contains yarn. It's very neatly wrapped in tissue paper with #edsadvent2019 stickers on each end. Through the tissue paper you can see the box is covered with gold cogs, which match the posts on TOFT's Instagram account about this year's advent.

Ed's Advent 2019 wrapped box
Ed's Advent 2019 box sticker

I haven't opened up this box yet as I don't want any clues until advent begins! As you can see from the photo my dog Boo was also very interested to know what's inside. Ed's Advent 2019 is now sold out, but I will be covering my experience on my blog if you'd like to hear more, you can subscribe via the link below to receive email notifications when I post. In the next post I'll be opening the box and then I'll be sharing my progress with you throughout the CAL.

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